Zombie Walk Detroit

Frequently Asked Questions

Each walk is different! One may be a casual stroll, while another may have a specific purpose. Route lengths will vary, as well. Details specific to each walk will be posted on its own page. The answers below are to general questions we've received.

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Does it cost anything to participate?

Nope! However,many of our events are fund raisers, so you may be asked to bring a donation, or collect donations on behalf of the charity. Don't worry; we'll always let you know beforehand!

Do I have to sign up or RSVP before the event?

We'll let you know if there's any type of registration, but generally we have people sign up on arrival rather than in advance.

However, if you have time to send an email, we'd certainly appreciate it! We like hearing from other zombies and it will be exciting to know that more of you are out there. The suspense is killing us.

Do I have to wear a costume?

Yep! Unless you already look like a zombie.

You don't necessarily have to come as a certain character (e.g. doctor, mechanic, police officer) but you should at least look like a zombie, even if you wear jeans and a T-shirt and just go nuts with the fake blood. For simple suggestions of things to do to look zombified, check out this web site! Wanna take it a step further than simple? Then proceed with caution to this web site.

Is this an '18 & over' or '21 & over' event?

Come one, come all!  Although if you are bringing children to the walk, don't think you can drop them off and consider this your afternoon break. Get your decaying posterior into some zombie attire and join them in the fun!

Besides, unattended children may be eaten.

Yes, if we get THAT hungry, we may turn into cannibal zombies. Hey.. it's happened.

How long will the walk be? I'm a lazy zombie!

That depends. Be sure to check the events page for specific details on any given event, but in general walks usually last around a half hour. Keep in mind that, as a zombie, you're going to be walking at roughly half the speed of a normal person.

Why are you doing this anyway?

Because it's fun, because we can, and because (on some walks, at least) it helps raise money for a good cause.

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