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PAST EVENT: "December in Detroit" 12/22/12

Ah, it's that time of year again...  holiday magic abounds, lights twinkle, the sound of carolers in the distance.  But wait- what's that they're singing?  I can't quite make it out...

Join us for a romantic and magical night of ZOMBIE CAROLING.

Can't sing?  Fake it!
Tone deaf?  Awesome! 
Don't know the words?  Does it matter?!

Join us, IF YOU:
- Can meet us at 6PM SHARP on Saturday, December 22nd in front of Hart Plaza, One Hart Plaza, Detroit, Michigan 48226.

- Promise to arrive in simple, old-timey pale make up (think Night of the Living Dead) RATHER than bloody, gory stuff. Doesn’t have to be anything more intense than a paled face and darkened eyes.

- Already have, can make, or are able to shop Value World or Salvation Army for a super hideous Christmas sweater or bright red or green coat (but coats MUST be decked out like a Christmas sweater- think garland and ornaments).

Those criteria MUST be met to participate in this special event.  ANYONE SHOWING UP BLOODY WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE or will be WASHED OFF right there in front of everybodyPlease respect this request.  We will be in an area with families and small children and want them to be EXCITED to see us, NOT wreck their holiday.

AFTER PARTY:  This event has TWO interchangeable endings- ONE of which we can tell you about now and one that only those who participate will get to experience!  One of the final resting places?  Warm up at the GRAND TRUNK PUB (http://grandtrunkpub.com) at 612 Woodward, Downtown Detroit.  Word has it that they’re giving a dollar off domestic beers to zombies in holiday attire. Woo!  Kitchen’s open until midnight, and they’ve got hot coffee & tea, too!

See you at Hart Plaza!

pale zombies in bad holiday sweaters


Sunday, October 13th, 2013 in Detroit! (10/13/13!)

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