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PAST EVENT: 3rd Annual WORLD ZOMBIE DAY - Walk Against Hunger - Detroit

World Zombie Day 2010

Sunday, October 10th, 2010

(super duper group photo coming very soon from Wayne Maki)

World Zombie Day 2010 took place in downtown Detroit and was again a food & fund drive to benefit Gleaners!

Zombies lined up to drop off their food gathered and funds collected for Gleaners Community Food Bank. It's always so impressive to see not only the awesome detail in everyone's zombie-attire but the extent these nice people go to to help our hungry neighbors. Frankly, you all ROCK!

Registration was packed but AGAIN we have our lovely zombie ladies Lisa and Sarah to thank for keeping everything running smoothly. How, we have no idea, but we thank them PROFUSELY! Thanks to Wayne for the photo, set up and megaphone help, and to Jim, Mike and Dave for directing the zombie traffic safely through the construction (of which there was PLENTY!)! Thanks too, to 'the Gleaners guy' (did anyone get that guy's name??) for squeezing food donations into EVERY NOOK AND CRANNY OF THAT GLEANERS VAN! Lots of food, lots of work!

Special thanks goes to Kathie Ramsey, not only for being the zombie-crossing guard stationed at our busiest intersection and for her help before the walk, but she busted her decaying posterior collecting for Gleaners, too!

The number of zombies.... (oh my gosh!)

We had a few people counting, but most of them were walkers, so we needed one stationary person to do an official count. We grabbed the nearest pedestrian (with a toddler on his shoulders, even) and begged him to stand at the front of the line and do a count as the zombies walked past. "It should take about 11 minutes...!" I don't even know the guy's name- only that he had to round up his in laws so they didn't worry we'd eaten both him AND the child... Well THANKS mister, because with the count you came up?? I know it took longer than 11 minutes.

He stayed until the last of the ON TIME zombies passed him, and that number? 621

Add the 25 or so who showed up just after THAT fella took off, and we've got around 645 zombies, but we think even more showed up later who did a 'fast-moving-zombie-walk' and caught up to us. Others said we got closer to 700 but let's err on the conservative side and say 650.


650 ZOMBIES all packed into Greektown. I didn't know Greektown could HOLD that many people.... but somehow we made it work. Even with the game letting out just as we started off, we rocked it.

The photos....

...are popping up everywhere, and we'd like to include some on the ZWD site, as well! Did you take some? If so, please email 10 or 15 of your favorites to ZombieWalkDetroit @gmail.com. Please note that we can't copy pics from your Flickr site, so sending the link is lovely, but sending the pics is peachy. :)

a bloody mess



Between the food collected at the "ZOMBIE BALL" hosted at City Club (thanks Sean!), the MASSIVE bunch that was collected on 10-10-10 (the Gleaners guy was worried about the van making it onto the freeway), and a late donation, the total was:

2,155 POUNDS!

Woo hooo!

The online and text donations (both of which were very low this year) made straight to Gleaners totaled $73.00. Cash and checks brought in by the zealous zombie tribe totaled an astonishing $6,396.17.

Seriously. That is SPECTACULAR!

That, our dear friends, is a total of...


That is AMAZING!

If any other donations of food or funds come in late, we'll update the numbers, but as of this afternoon, these are the totals! Wowie!!

THANKS SO MUCH to everyone who generously donated food & funds! We are absolutely astounded at what can be accomplished when we all come together like this. You zombies ROCK! Lots!

The 'Chartwells' team consisting of John Miller, Manny Rodrigez and Cara Lynch walking as a team, brought in $968. WOW! Wonderful!

Kudos go to Kathie Ramsey for being the zombie who brought in the second most in monetary donations for Gleaners: $600. Does Kathie's name sound familiar? It should- she was top zombie last year. :)

Thank you all! Your hard work will provide many meals for many hungry people. You did a GREAT job!

Thanks to all of the prize donors!

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