Zombie Walk Detroit

PAST EVENT: 2nd Annual WORLD ZOMBIE DAY - Walk Against Hunger in Royal Oak

World Zombie Day 2009

Zombie Walk Against Hunger
Sunday, October 11th, 2009

Roayl Oak Group Shot
Super duper group shot by Wayne Maki!


This time the event took place in downtown Royal Oak and was again a food & fund drive to benefit Gleaners Food Bank!

Registration was packed but somehow, our lovely zombie ladies Sarah and Lisa kept their heads. How, we have no idea, but we thank them PROFUSELY! Thanks to Jim, too, for helping stack the thousands of pounds of food neatly and safely into the bins. Lots of food, lots of work!


Creepy RickDuring registration, we were THRILLED to have the spookish and savvy stylings (strumming and singing!) of Detroit's own, CREEPY RICK of the 3D INVISIBLES! Rick did a rockin' acoustic set while folks waited in line. Thanks for keeping us all entertained, Rick! Several folks remarked on your awesomeness- we hope they got a chance to tell you in person!

Creepy Rick

Onto the final counts!

The number of zombies....

We lost actual count somewhere around 450 zombies but it's estimated that at least 25 more showed up after registration closed and another 25 or so joined us mid-walk. For those not too quick with the math, that's around 500 zombies, though some folks swear we topped 500.

Wow! Fantastic!

The photos....

Zombie IV drip
Thanks go to out to Steven Hauptman for this great shot!

EVEN MORE PHOTOS ARE POSTED BELOW (newest were added on 12/3)- take a peek at the slide shows! Our undying gratitude goes out to official event photographers Wayne Maki and Sean Gabriel Photography.


Why did it take so long to get the final totals, you may wonder?

Well, we'd posted the total donations from the day of the walk, but still had to get the ONLINE donation totals from Gleaners AND collect all of the DONATION CANISTERS from all over town. It took us a little longer than expected to catch up with everyone, but here they are!


The day of the walk, cash and checks brought in by the beautiful band of breathtaking zombies totaled $3,421.39. The online donations, a post-walk donation, and the cash canisters totaled $292.19

That, our dear friends, is a total of...


That is friggin' AWESOME.

But WAIT, there's MORE!

The food total....

2,277 pounds were collected on the day of the walk, plus 23 pounds donated after the walk equals 2,300 POUNDS of FOOD!

2,300 POUNDS!

THANKS SO MUCH to everyone who generously donated food items (and some personal care products, too! woo!). You zombies ROCK!


Kathie Ramsey was the zombie who brought in the most pledges. Her total alone was $542.41. Amazing! ...and a bit freaky, since that's less than a 20 cent difference from the biggest pledge collector from last year. Spooky. Odd. But still delicious.

Thank you Kathie! Your hard work and deadication (yeah, we know- we purposely spelled it wrong) will provide many meals for many of our hungry neighbors. You did a GREAT job!

Thanks Kathie!  GREAT job!
Hmmm... Kathie's eyes appear to be closed. She may very well be
napping. Totally understandable after all her hard work!

Kathie won a big ol' bag of stuff including gift certificates from Noir Leather, Detroit Comics and Adornment Deluxe, free massage from the Art of Skin and Bones Chiropractic, tickets to Evil Dead the Musical, Haunted Hallows, the Haunted Winery and Main Art Theatre, Spray Blood and MUCH more!

Many more prizes were given out! (next time we're having at least three people calling numbers at once- seriously. Sorry it took so long, folks! Hope everyone got at least a little somethin'!) Individual prizes included many of the items that were in Kathie's bag PLUS autographed Halloween Movie posters, tickets to Deadly Intentions, SAW T-Shirts, Transylmania Hats & Buttons, Syringe Pens, Stepfather and Serious Man Movie passes, Gleaners T-Shirts and Hats, Zombie button packs, Finger Bubbles (yep, we said finger bubbles), Zombie DVD's, Zombieland T-Shirts and Hats, and more Spray Blood!

Sheesh! It was crazy! There was so much! Thanks to everyone who donated! Very nice!

Look at all the food for hungry families!

Many, many families will be fed because of everyone's hard work and generosity. We cannot thank you enough for coming out to World Zombie Day 2, and we hope to see all of you again soon!

(Note the posting on the events page about June and please sign up for our mailing list.... it's gonna be a BLAST!)

Thanks to SeanGabrielPhotography.com for this beautiful shot

The thanks continue on to Carrie & Patrick at Gusoline Alley for providing us with our own little after party and ZOMBIE DRINK SPECIALS! Much needed after than long walk on a chilly day!

Check out the photos in the Royal Oak Gallery.

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