Zombie Walk Detroit

PAST EVENT: 2008 Greektown, Detroit Zombie Walk

Zombie Walk Detroit invades Greektown, Downtown Detroit- 5/31/2008
That walk may have ended, but there will be more!.

Thanks Zombies! You guys are all swell.
Swell, I say!

We really did turn Greektown into Shriektown. Did you HEAR some of those ladies?!? Muhuaa! Especially that one near the end, and those who escaped to the People Mover!

Ahhh, what a day. So many great zombies- tall ones, muddy ones, pale ones, bloody ones- cute littlish young ones who were our brave leaders for a while... & ALL were nice ones! We had the perfect number for the crowded streets of Greektown on a Saturday evening (that just so happened to be filled with people, street performers, and police) 33. Wow! Perfect.

Some of the highlights of the evening:

What could be better?

..when the police downloaded the 'Thriller' ring tone on a cell phone and played it over the speaker as we walked past Fishbone's.

We were very happy to have given them some pleasant excitement for the evening. It's cute when cops giggle. Thanks guys!

Thanks to all who participated for making this such a GREAT time!
We absolutely cannot wait to see you again at our next event!

photo by Rich

Check out photos in the Greektown Gallery.

Special THANKS to Jason for filming the event (& to Chris for lending us his video camera last minute) and to all those taking photographs.

Super special thanks to the Detroit Police Force for being the absolute coolest cats in blue.

..and our apologies to Metro Times for the very, very, very bloody sidewalk. Muhuhahahahaaaaaa! It's just our special little way of saying, 'hello!

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