Zombie Walk Detroit

PAST EVENT: 2007 Royal Oak Zombie Walk

Zombie Walk Detroit invades Downtown Royal Oak- 9/29/2007

You zombies ROCKED!

Seriously. There were SO many zombies! There were also so many cool victims and people with cameras everywhere. It was fantastic! A rough count estimated that we started with around 125-150, lost a couple of the younger [and sleepier] ones in the middle, but gained even more during the walk.

Even unprepared pedestrians decided to sacrifice their clothing [getting bloody, not nude! heh!] to get in on the undead action. By the time we hit the railroad tracks, it's estimated that we were 175-200 zombies strong. Wha?!?  Wow.

Thanks to all who participated for helping to make this a GREAT time!
We absolutely cannot wait to see you again at our next event!

CHEERS go to Brian, the manager at D'Amato's for being AWESOME about the very, VERY bloody restaurant windows. LOL! What an amazing sport he was about the whole thing. They were already washed by the time we went back to help clean up, but we offered to come back next week and wash them again anyway. He just laughed. Very, very nice guy. Stop by. Buy a drink. Say hello.

Our MOST CONVINCING UNDEAD award goes to....


She looked amazing -absolutely wonderful!
The epitome of 'ZOMBIFIED....'

You can see more of Cassie in 'Night of the Living Dead- the Musical'
beginning October 26th at the Majestic Theatre in Detroit!
Tickets are available through Ticketmaster.

Most Convincing Zombie
[photo by Christl Kindler]

See the other wonderful zombies from the Royal Oak walk by visiting the Gallery.

Here are a few photos that -ZWD- snapped:

broken zombie!

pretty zombies!

even MORE pretty zombies!

zombie soccer team invades royal oak

zombie mob!

Our only regret about the event is that we didn't get to meet each and every
person individually. We spoke briefly with so many great people!

[We also wish we could have had prizes for everyone, but that would have
cost us an arm and a leg. Or would that have been the prize? Hmmm...]


another zombie mob!

i have no idea, but i like it. left for dead....

zombie walk detroit invades royal oak

Special THANKS to Erik and Erin from Zombie Reporting Center, Mark from
Mindsplinters Films, and Chris H. for filming, plus Jeremy and countless others for photography.

Photos are located in the Gallery. Have photos you'd like to share? Just let us know!

Cheers to Rich for much help with organizing, Adam for help day of,
and to all those who helped spread the word and make it a great day!.
[Thanks to Noir and Adornment Deluxe for donating prizes!]

Check out the event ad here.

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